Custom Design Services

We offer 3 options for creating custom vinyl stencils for your project:

  1. Custom Sizing our Stencil Patterns
  2. Customize Our Stencil Patterns with Design Modifications
  3. Create a “New for You” Custom Stencil Design


Custom Sizing Our Stencil Patterns

Our Vinyl Stencil Collection features 1,000’s of designs to choose from. We’ve made it fast, easy and economical for you to order by simply choosing your selections for dimensions, image, and material choices from the drop-down menu. Order your Modello® stencil directly from our stencil product pages and your design will ship within 2 business days!

If the exact size you need is not offered you can order a custom stencil size by simply clicking on the Customization Request Form Link.

Fill out the form completely for the fastest possible service. If all information is clear and complete, we can cut your custom sized stencil within 2-3 days for a 20% upcharge. Note: Your custom size request must be proportional to the original scale ratio of the design (Width:Height).


Customize Our Stencil Patterns with Design Modifications

We can also modify all of our Stencil Designs to suit your project needs for an additional charge. To request a Design Change, continue to fill out the bottom portion of the Modello® Designs Customization Form with details of your request.


Create a “New for You” Custom Stencil Design

If you are looking for a completely custom stencil design, we've got you covered! Please email our design team at with a description, measurements, and attachments. We will respond with your quote within the next 2 business days. Thank you!

Visit our Custom Stencils Gallery page to see some of our past work in action.