Wall Border Stencils

Border stencil designs help to define spaces with an added element of style. With 100's of Vinyl Border Stencils to choose from, you can find the perfect pattern to accent an archway, add style to a soffit, bring a beam to life, or simple to frame a floor, ceiling, or wall. Think outside the box with custom stencil shapes from our border patterns! We can turn any border stencil into shapes such as circles, oblongs, hexagons or whatever your project calls for. Visit our Custom Design Services page for more details.

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Our Transitional Border stencils offer you a seamless way to visually flow from one color or paint medium to another, while providing a decorative point of transition. A great design tool for "open concept" floor plans, they can also be used to divide wall spaces, create elegant stripe patterns, or bring a high ceiling down to a more human level.

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