Tips & Tricks on How to Install Modello® Vinyl Stencils

Installing Modello® Stencils is actually quite easy, especially when you follow the instructions in our Basic Stencil Installation Video and Allover Stencil Installation Video (coming soon!). However, sometimes issues can occur, but they are easy fixes. Watch this helpful video for some tips and tricks to installing Modello® vinyl stencils

  • Even if you have already burnished your Modello® stencil, you can still have some pointy pieces of vinyl that won’t burnish. Be patient, slow, and aware when removing the backing paper. If the backing paper catches the pointy vinyl, then roll the paper back down and burnish that area again. The vinyl material is very forgiving in this way.
  • When you get to an obstacle on the wall, such as a light switch, cut the Modello® stencil around it carefully as you go, so the pattern will lay flat against the wall around it.
  • Moistening the transfer tape will make it much easier to remove. Work in small areas and burnish before you start pulling and removing it. You can then tear the transfer tape in smaller and more workable sections.
  • Use the pick tool to remove any design elements that were not removed by the transfer tape.
  • If you have design elements that become bunched up or folded over, carefully move it apart with the pick tool and smooth it back into place.
  • If a design element gets stretched and pulled out, it is best if you slice through it with a sharp craft knife and reposition it rather than try to smooth it out and flatten any wrinkles.
  • If your repeats are not perfectly aligned, you can go back and slice the design elements with a sharp craft knife so they have a nice clean line. Any gaps in your repeats can be fixed by applying painter’s tape to the open seam and using a sharp craft knife to cut the tape to match the design.

With the help of these tips and tricks, you can now seamlessly install a Modello® vinyl stencil onto your wall to create a beautiful custom wall finish!

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