Modello® Stencil Basics

How to Paint a Feature Wall FAST with Modern Mural Stencils

Want beautiful and big wall art as a feature wall? You can paint an easy DIY modern mural with wall stencils from Modello Custom Stencils. These DIY Wall Mural Stencils make painting a statement wall fast and easy with no experience needed! Watch and learn how to paint a wall with large modern mural stencils that is better than wallpaper… 
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How to Paint a Mandala Mural with Wall Stencils

There is no place like “Om”! You can paint an easy DIY mandala mural with wall stencils from Modello Custom Stencils. These DIY Wall Mural Stencils make painting a statement wall fast and easy with no experience needed! Watch and learn how to paint a wall with large mandala mural stencils that will give you more peace of mind…
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How to Paint a DIY Rug with Custom Floor Stencils

We’ll let you in on a little secret… You can have the rug of your dreams by using Modello® floor carpet stencils! Modello® stencils make decorating creative and customizable. They also make the perfect easy-to-clean and durable rug since it’s not fabric! You can sweep and mop your DIY faux rug as you would the rest of the floor. Prepare to be floored!
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How to Paint a Fast & Easy Wall Design with Modello® Stencils

Learn how to apply an allover pattern Modello® vinyl stencil - the easiest and fastest way to create an allover wallpaper pattern. Watch this tutorial video before creating your own one of a kind custom wall design...
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Tips & Tricks on How to Install Modello® Vinyl Stencils

Installing Modello® Stencils is actually quite easy, especially when you follow the instructions in our Basic Stencil Installation Video. However, sometimes issues can occur, but they are easy fixes. Watch this helpful video for some tips and tricks to installing Modello® vinyl stencils so you can successfully create a beautiful custom wall finish!
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Metallic Foil Wall Finish with Modello® Vinyl Stencils

Learn how to create a multi-colored metallic foil finish using a large custom Modello® stencil. This is a great decorative painting technique for a feature wall to quickly create the look of custom wallpaper.
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How to Stain an Inlaid Wood Design with Modello® Vinyl Stencils

Incorporating marquetry, wood carvings, or wood inlays can serve to infuse a contemporary space with an air of tradition. They provide earthy counterpoints and add to the richness and harmony of any home’s design. Learn how you can create your own faux wood inlay furniture using Modello® custom stencils and different stains.
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Basic Modello® Vinyl Wall Stencil Application

How to apply a Modello vinyl stencil to a wall successfully
Modello® stencil patterns are very easy to install, as long as you always follow the basic steps outlined in this Basic Modello® Vinyl Stencil Application How-to Video and blog post. All successful Modello® stencil projects start here.....SaveSave
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Easy Gilded Design with Modello® Vinyl Wall Stencils

Gorgeous, easy gilding with a Modello vinyl wall stencilYou won't believe how easy it is to create a gilded pattern design on a wall with a Modello® vinyl stencil. Use this fast and fabulous metal leaf technique on walls, wood, furniture, and ceilings. Get glowing....Save

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