Modello Material Options

Our vinyl stencil materials have been used successfully on thousands of stencil decorating projects for walls, furniture, floors, ceilings, and concrete.

We offer a range of material options to accommodate different surfaces and project needs.

Please read over our Material Options carefully.

Modello® White Mask
(4 mil—Low/Med Tack)

Our White Mask material is the most versatile and popular vinyl material we offer. It is our standard recommended vinyl has been used on more than 90% of the Modello® stencils projects completed to date.

Note: ALL Modello® stencils are cut from one-time-use adhesive materials. The adhesive materials may damage sensitive or improperly prepared surfaces (surfaces that are not stable, dry, or fully cured). Use at your own discretion.

Use on: Smooth and semi-smooth surfaces such as walls, ceilings, painted or stained wood, smooth-troweled or polished concrete, glass, and smooth-troweled plaster surfaces.

Use for: Paint, glaze, gilding, glass etching, faux marquetry/staining, low-relief embossing or inlays, and concrete micro-toppings. Use for light sandblast etching on glass, marble, tile, and granite.

Tack Strength: This vinyl stencil material has a low to medium tack and is specifically designed for temporary use as a stencil material on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. It must only be used on stable, dry, and cured surfaces.

Advantages: Roll widths up to 48" allow for large-scale designs to be cut in wide sections. This is our most popular material, as it can be used safely and effectively on most surfaces.

Disadvantages: Can only be used on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces. It will stick easily to lightly textured surfaces that have a smooth paint or plaster finish. White Mask will stick to some light stone textured surfaces such as aggregate-based plasters. Additional tack can be created by removing the protective backing paper and spraying over the adhesive with Medium Duty Repositionable Spray Adhesive from 3M.


Modello® Gray Mask
(4 mil—Low Tack) 

Use on: Perfectly smooth surfaces such as walls, ceilings, painted or stained wood, glass, and smooth-troweled concrete.

Use for: Paint, glaze, gilding, glass etching, faux marquetry/staining, and low-relief embossing or inlays.

Tack Strength: Lowest-tack adhesive material, suitable for stable, dry, and cured surfaces.

Advantages: The gray material makes the design very easy to see and position during installation. The specially designed adhesive allows for easy removal and is recommended for potentially sensitive surfaces such as ceilings and new construction.

Disadvantages: Ideally used only on perfectly smooth surfaces. 


Modello Green Mask
(10 mil/25 mil—Higher Tack)

Use on: Semi-smooth to lightly textured surfaces such as walls, concrete, wood, and masonry. 10-mil material can also be used for light sandblasting of patterns into wood, Corian, glass, marble, and granite. Can be used on clean, sound, cured, and stable smooth surfaces and then troweled with plaster materials to get a slightly higher raised design image.

Use for: Slightly higher-relief embossing and inlay patterns.

Tack Strength: Medium- to high-tack adhesive material suitable for stable, dry, and cured surfaces.

Advantages: Sticks to some rougher-textured, "stone-like" surfaces that contain fine aggregates. Sticks to rougher concrete surfaces. Can be used to create slightly higher-relief embossed designs.

Disadvantages: Higher tack strength may damage improperly prepared drywall. Do not use in areas with excessive heat and/or direct sunlight. Apply heat with a hair dryer on removal to help loosen adhesive.

This thicker, rubber stencil material has a higher cost per square foot than our other stencil materials. It is manufactured in shorter roll widths (30”wide) which may require more piecing together of pattern tiles during application. This material is only available through special order

Test your surface: If the surface may be removed or damaged by masking tape, it may be damaged by the Modello® material. Please test any questionable surfaces or areas prior to applying Modello® patterns. Modello® “testers” are available upon request. We'll be happy to send you some!

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