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Since 2003, design professionals, architects, decorative artisans and decorative concrete contractors have relied on our top-quality custom vinyl stencils, extensive pattern selection, and custom design services to create memorable interior spaces for their customers. We invite you to look around and see the difference a Modello® Custom Stencil can make for YOUR next project.

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How to Paint a Fast & Easy Wall Design with Modello® Stencils

Learn how to apply an allover pattern Modello® vinyl stencil - the easiest and fastest way to create an allover wallpaper pattern. Watch this tutorial video before creating your own one of a kind custom wall design...
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Tips & Tricks on How to Install Modello® Vinyl Stencils

Installing Modello® Stencils is actually quite easy, especially when you follow the instructions in our Basic Stencil Installation Video. However, sometimes issues can occur, but they are easy fixes. Watch this helpful video for some tips and tricks to installing Modello® vinyl stencils so you can successfully create a beautiful custom wall finish!
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Metallic Foil Wall Finish with Modello® Vinyl Stencils

Learn how to create a multi-colored metallic foil finish using a large custom Modello® stencil. This is a great decorative painting technique for a feature wall to quickly create the look of custom wallpaper.
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