Modello® Stencil Professional Techniques

Stencil a Fortuny Silk Damask Wall Finish

Fortuny Fabric Wall Finish with Modello stencil patternsThe exquisite depth of Fortuny silk fabrics was our inspiration for this wallpaper look that features a custom stencil pattern filled with tinted, shimmery wax over a soft textural plaster background.
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Iridescent Plaster Damask Feature Wall Finish

An over-scaled Damask makes a chic design statement on an accent wall. Modello® vinyl stencils make it easy to create a color shift in the pattern using iridescent plasters that play with the light.SaveSave
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Distressed Gold Inlay Plaster Wall Finish

Antique Gold Leaf in Metallic Plaster wall finish with Modello® stencilsEasily one of the most popular finishes we've created! This stencil technique combines distressed gold leaf with metallic plaster to create an inlaid pattern.

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Faux Stone Plaster Wall Treatment

Faux stone plaster finish from Modello Custom StencilsCreate the look of inlaid stone or marble designs easily with a Modello® Custom Stencil and  layers of metallic plaster. Save
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White on White Stenciled Embroidery Wall Finish

Faux Finish with Modello® decorative stencil
This pretty wall finish features a Modello® stencil pattern that has a small outline initially removed from the design. After applying plaster in the outlined area, you will remove the "middle" to apply a lighter plaster inside-resulting in an embroidery effect.SaveSaveSave
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Copper Patina Metallic Motifs

Distressed metal leaf shines through a translucent layer of water-based stain. Use Reverse/Negative Weed Modello® custom stencil patterns to add a decorative accent to this rich, layered finish that only "looks" complex.Save
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Japanese Dogwood Floral Wall Finish

We love the look of pattern in pattern and it's so easy to create with a combination of 2 different Modello® custom stencils. The first layer is a contemporary floral silhouette pattern that you fill with delicate Chinese floral designs. Find so many fun possibilities when you play with pattern!SaveSaveSave
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Metallic Foil Wallpaper Finish

Use an allover Modello® custom stencil pattern to create a stunning wallpaper finish. Layers of metallic foil team up with metallic plaster and translucent stain for a unique finish for walls or ceilings!Save
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Exotic Metal Leaf Motifs Wall Finish

Here is an exotic wall finish inspired by Eastern treasures! Turkish Modello® stencil patterns are treated with layers of metal leaf over background of gilding and metallic plaster. Change the colors and patterns to customize the look multiple ways.SaveSave
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Faux Embossed Metal Decorative Finish

Use Modello® custom stencils and metallic plasters to create the look of a embossed metal finish. A great look for panels, door fronts, and even ceilings!Save
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Embossed Leather Look with Wall Art Stencils

Embossed leather decorative finish with Modello stencil from Modello DesignsCreate the classic look of sumptuous embossed leather on walls, furniture, cabinets and panels. A custom Modello® stencil in a Reverse Image makes it easy to get the look with  metallic plaster, stain, and wax.
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Faux Verde Marble Finish with Metallic Plaster

Use a Modello® custom stencil to easily create the look of an inlaid marble pattern, or Pietre Dure. Thin layers and multiple colors of metallic plaster are troweled through the pattern with a special technique that is both easy and visually effective!Save
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