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Modello® stencils are cut from one-time-use, adhesive vinyl materials specifically designed for temporary use as a stencil material on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces.

Order from the standard size options above for the most economical pricing and fastest delivery. Your custom vinyl stencil will be cut to order and shipped within 2 business days!

Each Modello® stencil ships with helpful instructions and a squeegee tool for easy application.
Visit our Modello® Stencils Basics page for detailed instructions to ensure a successful project!

Use only on smooth to semi-smooth, clean, stable, dried, and cured surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, glass, or concrete. Once applied, Modello® stencils can be used with paint, plaster, stain, metal leaf, metallic foil, concrete overlays and more to create unique decorative effects. possibilities.

Modello® stencils are cut from adhesive backed vinyl and are designed for one-time-use only. They consist of 3 layers: Vinyl Pattern, protective Backing Paper, and Transfer Tape. The Backing Paper is removed to expose the adhesive side of the pattern. Once securely installed in place, the Transfer Tape is removed to reveal the pattern ready for decoration.

Modello® stencils can be cut in one piece (tile) in sizes up to approximately 36” x 48”, dependent on the complexity of the pattern. Larger Modello® stencils will be cut into 2 or more “tiles” that are easily matched up to complete the as you install them on your surface.
Every Modello® vinyl stencil is cut to order. We offer a range of “Standard Sizes” that can be ordered directly from this product page to ship within 2 business days. Simply choose from Design Dimensions, Stencil Image, and Stencil Material options.

If you have a Custom Size or a Design Change Request please click below for a Customization Request Form.

We also specialize in creating completely Custom Designs from your design ideas and original artwork. We have a dedicated team of Graphic Designers who can work with you to create a Modello® stencil as unique as your project. Please see the Custom Stencil Orders page for additional information on our design process, Custom Case Studies and to get started on your next Custom Stencil Project with a Modello Designs vinyl stencil!

If your project calls for a reusable mylar stencil, please visit our sister company Royal Design Studio Stencils. We can also create custom mylar stencils through our Modello Designs Custom Design Department.
All Modello Designs orders are cut to order. With each stencil order the design, size and design weed is unique to your specifications. Because no two orders are the same, stencils are only produced after your order has been placed. For these reasons we do not accept returns on Modello® stencils.

In the event that you have received your Modello® stencil order in damaged condition (due to shipping), we will replace your order with the exact same order. See our Customer Care page for complete details.

Order and use Modello® stencils at your own discretion. We assume no liability for the outcome our stencils used in individual customer projects. We cannot guarantee that our vinyl stencils will stick to all surfaces or remove cleanly without causing damage, whether due to user error, improper surface preparation, or environmental circumstances.

Please review our complete Terms and Conditions for more details.

We are happy to provide free product samples so that you can test your surface. Email samples@modellodesigns.com with the subject line “Sample Request”. Include your name and address in the body of the email.

Need a Custom Size or Design Change??
Click Here for a Customization Request Form

Modello® Designs Customization Form

Design Level: C
Scale Ratio: 1:2.77
Minimum Size: 24" wide x 66.75" high

For the most economical pricing and fastest delivery we encourage you to choose from one of the standard sizes listed for this pattern on our website.

If your project requires a Custom Size not offered for this pattern, or you would like a Design Change, please use this form.

Custom Size Request

All Modello® stencils are priced based on cost per square foot. Please note that your Custom Size price will include an additional 20% Custom Size Charge added to the square foot price of your stencil. Custom size modifications may add 1-2 working days to our standard production time of 1-2 days.

*Check One

*Check One

*IMPORTANT! Your Custom Size Request must be above the minimum size shown above. It must also conform to the existing scale ratio of width to height.

*Required Fields

You should receive an estimate for your Custom Size Modello® Design within 1 business day. Your order will need to be confirmed by phone or email, and paid in full prior to shipping.

If you are ONLY requesting a Custom Size of this design.

Design Change Request

In addition to Custom Sizing, Modello® stencil pattern artwork can also be redesigned and/or modified to for your specific project needs by our Custom Design Department. Please ALSO complete this area ONLY if you are also requesting an Estimate for a Design Change.

Your estimate will reflect an addtional 20% Custom Design Charge over standard pricing.
Additionally, Design/Artwork Changes are billed at $65/hour ($35 minimum) Estimated Design Charges must be paid in advance. Design and production time will vary accordingly to the complexity of the modification, number of artwork revisions, and our current custom design schedule.

Please describe details of your Design Change Request.
(i.e. changing scale, removing or adding design elements, altering designs to fit a specific space, etc)

After confirming the Design Change details of your request, you should receive an estimate for the cost of your Custom Design Changes within 1 business day. If you accept, estimated Design Charges must be paid in advance to begin modifying the design for final approval. Your order will need to be confirmed via email and paid in full prior to shipping.